Monday, September 15, 2008

Silly Story Problems

Today I constructed our first Standards Based Bulletin Board. The purpose of a SBBB is to give students and parents several examples of work that meet the standards that we are working on. This SBBB centered around two story problems dealing with repeated addition and multiplication from our "Things That Come In Groups" math unit. Although there were many excellent pieces of work, I chose work from Trinity, Taylor, Luke and Jake for this month's board. Also, every student drew either an octopus or giraffe to help decorate the board. Nice work kiddos!
-Miss Russell :)
(A HUGE thank you to Susan Ammons for helping put the SBBB together.)


Anonymous said...

I walked by your SBBB this afternoon. It is just too cute! The student work is amazing. Anyone can see what terrific students you have in your class! Keep up the good work, everyone!
Mrs. Chascin

Mary Rivera said...

Beautiful bulletin board. Animals are a nice touch. :)

Melissa Ross said...

Your board looks great! I can't wait to stop by and read it today!