Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Growing Plants

Today is Day 7 of our plant growing project. We have been watering them everyday and have a source of heat and light (Sun) on them at all times. We have some plants that are growing like crazy and some that haven't germinated at all. (I am slightly fearful that Carter and Anna's plant may take over our room one of these days like in the book Plantzilla.) Out of all of the plants, the lima beans have grown the fastest. We are also starting to see some sprouts from the radishes and peas. Every day we go to school we can't wait to see the progress that our little plants have made over night. The students have also been recording their observations in their science journals. Through the clear cups we are able to see the awesome root systems of the plants. The students have also been able to identify the stems and leaves or their plants. Our class has quite the green thumb!
-Miss Russell :)


Melanie Holtsman said...

What fun hands-on things you do! I love the book Plantzilla. Although, the plant is a little intimidating toward the end! The Giving Tree might be a fun book for your class to read. Keep up the great blog!

Anonymous said...

Dear miss Russell if you want to talk to Josh I can proboly put him on your blog when I get home.Oh and miss Russell nice work on posting our lima bean and plants on your blog and keep up the good work on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Miss Russell,some of the plants are growing like plantzila.