Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Donors Choose x 2!

As you may know, my first proposal for Science Books through Donors Choose has been completely fulfilled and we received the materials on Friday. The 33 books included all different topics from energy, the sun, animals, the moon, volcanoes, force and motion, rocks, plants, and so much more! Students wrote very nice "thank you" notes to some of our donors yesterday. I am SO excited to announce that I have also gotten my second proposal for math books and games fulfilled. YAHH!!! We are so appreciative to all of our donors. I can't wait to receive the math materials. It feels like Christmas in September!
Your very excited teacher,
Miss Russell :)


Melissa Ross said...

Yea! Miss Russell, I am so excited for you and your students! They look like some pretty amazing books!

Melanie Holtsman said...

Congratulations Ms. Russell! I know your students will benefit from these grants. Isn't Donors Choose so great?

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! Thank you for setting up the donor site to purchase books to facilitate engaging our children in the love of learning and the love of books. Mary