Monday, September 22, 2008

Array Game: Count and Compare

Today students learned a new game using array cards. The game is called "Count and Compare." This game helps students practice estimating and comparing the size of arrays based on their dimensions. Ultimately, this type of practice will help students become familiar with multiplication and division. Take a look at the video below to see how the game is played. Students may play this game at home. They just need to take home their array cards, cut them out, and label them with totals and dimensions.

If you are interested in learning more about array cards and their purpose in multiplication and division, please visit the following links:
What Are Array Cards?
Teaching Multiplication and Division


Anonymous said...

miss russel,
my mom thinks that was a cool video and game she says we sould make the cards at home and play the game. I agree it is an awsome game! thank you for teaching me and jessica the stratigy taking away arays to make it a landmark number. It really helped me the rest of the game.

Anonymous said...

Cool open house :) ... JP & JJ

Anonymous said...

Where is the secret message.Love JJ

Anonymous said...

Very helpful. We will give it a go at home. Mrs. Rivera (I miss Kelly)

Susan T. Phillips said...

I love this video - what a great way to SHOW parents how the game is played so they can practice with their kids at home. Looks like fun - I want to play!!!