Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fraction War Game

Today in math class we played a game called Fraction War. Students used fraction cards to play the classic game known as "war." Which ever student had the larger fraction won the "war." Students used several different strategies to compare the size of the fraction. Some of these strategies included: using landmark fractions to determine the approximate size of the fraction, considering the "missing piece" of the fraction, and using decimals to solve. Check out the video below for a demonstration of the game. These girls also do a wonderful job explaining their thought process while determining which fraction is larger. Nice job girls!

Fraction War Game from Ashley Russell on Vimeo.

-Miss Russell :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fractions and Decimal Scavenger Hunt Challenge

In math class we have been doing a lot of work with fractions. Today we used calculators to explore the relationship of fractions and decimals. We learned that fractions and decimals are two different ways of writing the same thing.

For example, if I share a dollar with a friend we each get $.50 OR one-half (1/2) of a dollar. We used calculators to find the decimal equivalent to several fractions that we have been working with a lot.

Where do you find fractions and decimals in the real world? I challenge you to have a Scavenger Hunt to locate fractions or decimals. Some places that you might look are: on television, in the kitchen, around town (while riding in the car), in newspapers and so on.

Leave a comment and let me know when and where you find some examples of fractions and decimals.
Happy Hunting!
Miss Russell :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Is One-Half Always Equal to One-Half?

Lately in class we have been exploring the concept of fractions. Today, during Calendar Math, I asked the students a question: Is one-half always equal to one-half? As I anticipated, the majority of the students incorrectly answered "yes." Then, I asked them to consider the size of the whole. For example, what if I ordered a Personal Pan Pizza and my friend ordered an X-Large Pizza. Will our "halves" be equal in size? Within seconds of posing this example, there was an uproar in the class. An example as simple as pizza, made all of the students change their mind about the answer to this seemingly simple question. Today's lesson: Consider the size of the whole when comparing fractions AND it is crucial to use the same size "whole" when representing fractions on paper. Besides the pizza example, what example can you come up with to prove that one-half is not always equal to one-half? Post a comment and let the world know!
Fractions are fabulous... (and so are my students)!!
-Miss Russell :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy 100th Day of School!

Hard to believe, but today marks the 100th day of school (only 80 more to go!)! Today students spent time working on a 100th Day of School packet that included 17 different activities. Each activity focused on the fantastic number 100! Activities included math, science, language arts, and social studies. Students had to do everything from 100 jumping jacks, counting heartbeats, probability games, making lists of 100 words, making equations that equal 100, playing "Close to 100," dancing for 100 seconds, and Miss Russell's favorite...staying silent for 100 seconds. Students also had a 100th day of school snack. Each student grabbed 10 pieces of 10 different snacks totaling 100. We love the number 100 because it is such an important landmark number in our number system. A BIG "Thank You" to all of the families that donated snacks to make this day possible. It was a great day!
Thanks for checking in,
Miss Russell :)