Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fractions and Decimal Scavenger Hunt Challenge

In math class we have been doing a lot of work with fractions. Today we used calculators to explore the relationship of fractions and decimals. We learned that fractions and decimals are two different ways of writing the same thing.

For example, if I share a dollar with a friend we each get $.50 OR one-half (1/2) of a dollar. We used calculators to find the decimal equivalent to several fractions that we have been working with a lot.

Where do you find fractions and decimals in the real world? I challenge you to have a Scavenger Hunt to locate fractions or decimals. Some places that you might look are: on television, in the kitchen, around town (while riding in the car), in newspapers and so on.

Leave a comment and let me know when and where you find some examples of fractions and decimals.
Happy Hunting!
Miss Russell :)


Anonymous said...

hey miss russell i love the picture of diffrent fraction and decimals.

Anonymous said...

i love the diffrent kinds of ways of decimals and fractions from alexis.

Anonymous said...

I figured out that sport statuses, sale signs for stores, and mile markers for exits on the roads use fractions and desimals.

Love you, Kayla

julie_e said...

Dear Miss.Russell I am looking at a picture farme it is a rectangel and if you split it in fourths 4 times it will be one fourth. In my sisters,Alyssa and Sophias room there is a picture borard and if you cut it in half one time it will be one half.Love

Anonymous said...

Miss Russell,
I'm not in your class but you make fractions seem fun. I want to play fraction war.