Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fraction War Game

Today in math class we played a game called Fraction War. Students used fraction cards to play the classic game known as "war." Which ever student had the larger fraction won the "war." Students used several different strategies to compare the size of the fraction. Some of these strategies included: using landmark fractions to determine the approximate size of the fraction, considering the "missing piece" of the fraction, and using decimals to solve. Check out the video below for a demonstration of the game. These girls also do a wonderful job explaining their thought process while determining which fraction is larger. Nice job girls!

Fraction War Game from Ashley Russell on Vimeo.

-Miss Russell :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Russell,
I CAN'T HEAR IT :( !!!!! Maybe it's just the computar! Love ya :) !!!! TTYL (Talk To You Later)


Jen DeClementi said...

I love the blog! It is so nice to see my girl, Katelynn! I was unable to see the video.
Thanks for doing such cool things with the class. They have learned so much from you two!
Thank you for everything,
Jen DeClementi

Anonymous said...

Really cool! Thank you for offering such neat ways for the kids to learn!