Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rockin' the Standards in Math

This week we learned a song about perimeter and area. Hopefully, this song will help us remember the difference between perimeter and area when we are working with these concepts.

We have some serious superstars! Wouldn't you agree?
-Miss Russell :)


Anonymous said...

dear miss Russell,
my mom and i LOVED the Rockin' the STANDARDS video! she said it ROCKED! your blog is awesome
love EMILY!:)

Tim said...

Great job kids! I want more!!!
Keep learning those math concepts.
Your friend,
Tim (From Rockin' the Standards)

Anonymous said...

hi miss Russell,
That is SO cool Tim commmented!! I love the song. It really is a good song to help you on the math test. My Mom was listening to the song all day!
Bye see ya tomorrow!