Monday, October 20, 2008

Literary Pumpkin

On Friday the students made a literary pumpkin based on the book Planet Earth: Animals of Africa. Each year classes make literary pumpkins to celebrate our love of reading in a festive way. We chose this book because it represented our grade level theme, "Africa." We made one big pumpkin that represented the Earth and each student made their own little pumpkin representing an animal in Africa. The pumpkins turned out so cute! A HUGE thank you to Miss Young and Mrs. Nikki Colclough for developing such a great idea. The pumpkins will be displayed in the lobby for the rest of the week. Check them out!
-Miss Russell


Anonymous said...

Your pumpkins are very cute! I love how each student made their own animal.
Miss Thomson :)

Anonymous said...

Hi miss Russell,
To bad we didn't win=(. Last year I did't win but in K and 1st I did. See ya tomorrow:)!!