Monday, May 11, 2009

Creating Cool Board Games

For the past few days in math class, students have been working on inventing their own board games. Students have been relating the direction of movement (left or right, up or down) to positive and negative numbers. Students have been so creative in making their board games. Some of the game themes were: shopping, school, saving endangered animals, military, lost pets, softball and even the Swine Flu! Students have had to do everything from create the game boards, write rules, create game cards and pieces. The students did a fantastic job creating their games and had a fun time playing them today. Who knows, maybe you will see one of these games on the shelf of your local store someday!

From the desk of a very proud 3rd grade teacher,
Miss Russell :)

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Melissa Ross said...

That sounds like fun! Are any of these games you guys could come play with us one morning? :)