Monday, March 16, 2009

Having a Blast with Diet Coke and Mentos!

On Friday, we conducted an experiment where we put Mentos into a 2-Liter of Diet Coke and tried to determine what kind of change it was. Some students believed it was a chemical change while others thought it was a physical change. In the world of science, many scientists do not agree on whether it is a chemical change or a physical change in matter. Click here to see one such explanation of the debate over this experiment being a chemical or a physical change by Steve Spangler. Check out the video below of our experiment:

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-Miss Russell :)


Anonymous said...

Great video and explanations!

The Griffin Family

Anonymous said...

hey i liked that expriment it was blasting fun get it blasting fun well i had the most great spring break ever my sister was here and we walked the neibor hood with my cousin,my sister,my two brothers,and my dog buddy. we also saw ducklings and the mom it was cute the ducklings where black and yellow and fluffy one almost got lost but we found the mom. love trinity