Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Science Happenings

This week in science we are kicking off the school year by reviewing the "Science Process Skills" that scientists use when they investigating events or places. The "Science Process Skills" have reviewed include some of the following:

  • observing
  • classifying
  • estimating and measuring
  • inferring
  • predicting
  • making and using models
  • forming questions and hypothesis
  • investigating and experimenting
  • collecting data
  • interpreting data
  • communicating

We have done many fun "lab stations" to investigate these different process skills. We've have made paper airplanes (investigating and experimenting), we have estimated the volume of a ball of clay (estimating and measuring), we even made music with water-filled plastic bottles (forming questions and hypothesis). Another lab station was for the students to make a small example of a lever. A lever is a simple machine that helps make work easier. This lab station left a lot of kids questions "What is the purpose of this simple machine in real life?" I could tell they weren't believers when I told them it makes work easier. So I proved it to them. I started by asking if they thought they could pick me (the teacher) up off the ground. They unanimously answered "no." I set up a wooden plank (bar) and brick (fulcrum). Eventually, after some experimenting, the students were able to set the fulcrum close to the load (me), I stood on that end and a small girl stood on the other side of the wooden plank. She was able to lift me off the ground using this simple machine! After the wide-eyed stares and "oohs" and "ahhs," I think you could say I had 33 believers in simple machines. This week has been fun in science and I believe it will set the tone for the rest of the year. I can't wait for more wide-eyed stares, "oohs" and "ahhs" this year in science.

-Miss Russell :)


Anonymous said...

Hi there- Elias just did the grammar section of and it was great! I didn't know that site added new categories. Thank you so much for writing about it on your blog. Mary

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with Science. I've heard from Elias and by reading your blog and viewing pictures! Thank you for taking pictures of them at school. That was so cute. It is so nice to know what they are doing at school. Thank you again. Mary

Anonymous said...

Ms. Russell- I love science, math and geography (and of course reading, thanks to Ms. Young and you!). Love, Elias We do something on your blog almost every day.